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I like to make theatre full of mayhem, magic and pleasure.

I like to break form in new and unexpected ways.

I like to celebrate the present.

I like fun. I really flippin' like laughing.

I like mixing genres; clowning, cabaret, drag, spoken word, puppetry…

More is more!

I like to tell stories that are upside down and inside out…

Stories of outcasts, under dogs, dark sheep.

Stories of those out on a whim and betting their bottom dollar. 

Stories that you don’t see coming, stories that go bump in the night and stories that make you want to wink at a stranger.

Stories full of anarchy, poetry and truth.

Stories that give voice to the unheard, give spotlight to those left out, 

and help us walk in another's shoes.

I like audiences to be complicit in these stories… I like it when we all get to play together.

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