29/ 08/17 

‘Day one of sitting down to write a new script…..’


Oh blank page, no! Don’t give me that look. No, Blank Page, that is so unfair!

I only held the biro for like, a second, I was not…. I was not cheating on you!

I told you, my pad and paper days are over!

It was for a shopping list ok, we’ve spoken about this. You hate being ferried ‘round Tescos with me…

I know I promised a keypad cover but it hasn’t come up on groupon yet….

I do not disrespect you! I’m clumsy! The whole coffee spillage thing was an accident…

I put you in rice didn’t I?! Nice dry rice… and you’re all better now aren’t you?!


Yes I know I said I’d give you more time it’s just… Well apparently that youtube clip of a cat stuck inside a sleeve was really good…. And it was research! Research for our time together!

No, facebook wasn’t research, obviously, but I needed a time out… Not like that! Not from you, from…. It’s just so intense sometimes between us! My dad wasn’t around much when I was younger so I have childhood issues with commitment….

I am not all ‘take, take, take’… I come up with ideas too! I cam up with the, you know, the one… The one about the…. Well it’s hard to think of one this very second but you know full well I too have contributed to our relationship.

The bottom line is, you just expect more from me that I can give.

Well fine!


Blank page?


… Sorry….


Blank Page, sorry if I took you for granted…

It’s just you’re so experienced, you know, inspiration just doesn’t strike with me sometimes….

I know, I promise I’ll try to be more present.

I’ll do 9- 6 everyday this week I swear. With only one quick sandwich break.

That’s not unrealistic I will, I really will.

I love you too.

Blank Page… now we’re friends again…  could you possibly just help me with one teeny weeny script???

I’ve tried really hard but my well is dry…..